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At Amped Fitness we take pride in our ability to take athletes of all levels and ages to new heights. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned competitor, we can help you reach your peak performance by executing a strategic plan for your specific needs. Combining athletic conditioning, speed and agility, and strength training, you will be ready to conquer any obstacles and maximize your potential. 



AGES 14-18



Amped Fitness's 10 week athlete’s performance program will not only help your athlete stay active, but also help them improve in their sport.  Many places out there offer training for athletes, but they are usually only training one or two athletes at a time. We are able to do this by taking in small groups of athletes (8-10) per session which is generally 60-75 minutes. Each athlete will have: warm-up, corrective exercises, soft tissue plan, and a 10 week training sheet which are given to them after their first week, which is a testing week. 

Each phase (besides weeks 1-3) are four weeks in duration, rolling from one right into the next. This 4 day/week training program will take athletes through the proper progressions of the lifting phase. While some programs/coaches take athletes from beginner exercises directly into advanced ones, they are potentially setting them up for bad movement patterns, or worse, injuries later in their season/career.  Our first priority for the athlete is to move efficiently, and maintain their strength/speed throughout the program. We believe the only way to achieve this is by making athletes go through proper progressions; regardless of how well they “think” they move currently.  Our second priority is educating the athletes: they should know why they are doing the exercises and how it affects their play on the field/court.  We believe if an athlete knows the “why” to their training, they will be more motivated to do it. Here is a snapshot of the phases of training:


Weeks 1-3:

Muscular endurance and basic movements: jumping, landing, squatting, pushing, pulling, hinging, running, and carrying objects.


Weeks 4-7:

Strength movements: bench press, squatting, pull-ups, Olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk), carrying loads, and sled pushes.


Weeks 8-10:


Jumping, bounding, throwing, landing, decelerating and changing directions. 


To be the best, you have to turn up the volume! Call us today and ask how you can get Amped!  

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