Marla's Story - How She Beat Breast Cancer and the Impact of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello to all Amped "family",


My name is Marla and I have been a member of Amped for over 2 years. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of other members during the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. I am certain that for most of us, the struggle is just getting to the parking lot. After we begin, it is a wonderful experience and we tell ourselves how satisfied we are with ourselves for making it to a workout. That is really only a small component of the equation. If you would be so kind to allow me to tell you a story, you might see how important that small component truly is.


Last August I was diagnosed with Invasive breast cancer. I was fortunate in that I was at stage two and was eligible to participate in a clinical study. The treatment included many injections for a period of 6 months. One of the side effects of the lifesaving drug was osteoarthritis to my hips, knees, and ankles. The pain can be overwhelming. I was in such good physical condition, especially for a 59 year old, because of my 18 months at Amped, that my doctors encouraged me to continue working out as much as possible. Here is where that small component comes into play. I shared with Bryan, Jayson, and Dustin of my challenge. They never hesitated, stopped, or even thought for a second, of not allowing me to continue working out at Amped. These three small components continually encouraged, watched out for me, and were the motivating force that kept me coming each week.


The payoff was HUGE.


I had a double mastectomy on February 13th. Within hours of being placed in a room, after completion of the surgery, I was up and around with assistance. My physical capabilities, specifically core strength, made this possible. The surgeons were amazed at how superb I did during this, really longer than expected, 7 hour surgery. The anesthesiologist came in to tell me that I kept scaring them because my blood pressure and pulse were lower than what they see in the operating rooms on a regular basis. All because of the physical conditioning I gained as a result of working out each week.


I have returned to my workouts at Amped :) 


So, you see, those three small components are far more valuable than probably most of us realize. They truly care about each one of us and our physical fitness. The concern and encouragement I received from the "three guys" was not limited to just my time during workouts. They showered me with the most generous and beautiful gifts anyone could imagine. Their kindness and love really does make all of us a member of their "Amped Family". I will never be able to express to each one of them my undying gratitude.


I hope to see everyone pulling into the parking lot with a little more pep in their step. Stay healthy and fit.


- Marla


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