What's Happening?

Boys Basketball!

We are now offering a sport-specific training class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5pm. These classes are one hour in duration and consist of light weight / body weight functional movement exercises, stretching, agility improvement, speed enhancement, coordination, and much, much more.


We are currently working with an entire 8U club basketball team during these sessions so the training is geared towards the development of the skills required to HOOP successfully and efficiently. Bring your little baller in today to help him or her succeed on the hardwood!

Women Only Group Training Hour!

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays @ 9am we are offering a special group class for women only. It will be taught by Katie and will consist of high volume training done at a fast pace with light weight / body weight as the resistance. There will be a high emphasis on improving core & cardio performance as well as maintaining proper mobility / flexibility! This is the perfect class for any female looking to avoid the heavy lifting and keeping a tight, toned frame.


If you've ever thought our regular group training involved too many heavy lifting days or you're afraid of getting too bulky, this is the class you need to attend. Katie will never have you lifting big weights during this hour, it is forbidden! We would love to see our current clients in here participating who are looking for that extra cardio throughout the week. If you are a former client and have been avoiding seeing us because our traditional training was too aggressive or focused on strength then you really need to check this out. First day of the Women's Fitness Class starts Monday, November 2nd @ 9am!

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What's Happening

NEW CLASSES: Boys Basketball sport-specific team training and the Women Only Group Hour!

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