Winter Weight Loss Challenge

One last push to the New Year, guys, we won't go down without a fight! The Winter Weight Loss Challenge is here!


Total Cost: $200

6 weeks of Unlimited Group Classes for $100

The other $100 is broken down as such - $80 goes towards the 2 Bod Pod body fat scans courtesy of Tucson Chiropractic, Lean Healthy Life / Dr. Eric Lane

The other $20 actually puts you into the contest, that is your buy-in for a chance to win some SWEET rewards!

The Challenge is from Nov. 5th - Dec. 17th (ish, you may schedule your scans a few days earlier than Nov. 5th BUT your 2nd scan will be 6 weeks to the day to ensure fairness).


We have linked up with Dr. Eric Lane of Tucson Chiropractic to provide Bod Pod* body fat analysis testing for all of the members of Amped at a special discounted rate. These pods will assess your body fat percentage, lean body mass, and Resting Metabolic Rate (how many calories you burn while "at rest" throughout the day). With a 98% accuracy rating, these babies will give you the complete picture of your body composition. It's totally legit :)

Normally these tests would cost you $120 for 2 exams but Amped competitors are getting them for $80 total (that's 2 tests, one before and one after). You must schedule your first Bod Pod around the dates of Nov. 2nd - Nov. 5th and after completing your first, they will schedule your second one exactly 6 weeks from that date. 

You can contact Dr. Eric Lane and his office staff at 520-742-7785 to get on their calendar and schedule your first Bod Pod test. If you want more information on Dr. Lane, his philosphies, his style of chiropractic care and his take on health and fitness in general, you may visit their website @

His site doesn't go into crazy detail about the Bod Pod itself but if you get to reading some of the content you will get an idea of how smart this man is. If you get a chance to pick his brain a little bit when you're at his office too, you'll find Dr. Eric Lane is a very bright and energetic guy. He is incredibly committed to helping people heal and become the best possible versions of themselves. We are hopeful this will be a connection we will be able to tap into for years to come. They have a wonderful product AND staff over there. 

The prize list (for the Challenge):

Grand Prize
12 One Hour Private Personal Training Sessions

Starbucks Coffee Pack - $100+ value

    Imagen Salon & Day Spa                               Omni Tucson National
Women's haircut ($50)                                   (1) Foursome of Golf ($500)
30 Min Swedish Massage ($80, 2ct)             (1) $100 Golf Shop Gift Card
Shellac Manicure (45 min value)
50 min. Deep Tissue Mass. ($70)                        Cortaro Dental Care
Hydrating Facial ($80)                                   (2) Teeth Whitening Services
Ultim. Body Scrub & Hydration ($65)                        ($200 value)
Men's Haircut ($30)


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