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Congratulations to KIIM FM's Shannon Black and Brett "Porkchop" Miller for winning the FIT 4 '14 WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!! Wahoo!! The country music couple squeaked out a narrow victory over KVOA's John Overall and Danielle Lerner, making it the first time they have beaten those rascals from Channel 4 in their long-standing friendly rivalry. Shannon and Brett combined to lose 9% of their starting weight while John and Danielle totalled a 7% loss - valiant efforts by both squads! 

Pictured above are the winners of the Fit 4 '14 Weight Loss Challenge which was extended out to the Tucson community. Kristina Van Aken and her husband, Aaron, went absolutely bananas on their own. In only 5 weeks, Kristina and Aaron lost exactly 27 pounds EACH! Let that sink in for a little while .... 27 pounds .... 5 weeks .... each. An incredible achievement in such a short period of time, we are blown away by their results. The Van Akens credited the dramatic drop in weight to making smarter nutritional choices throughout the day, eliminating simple carbohydrate foods containing excess amounts of sugar, flour, or grain and Kristina even adopted the Intermitent Fasting principles giving herself an 8-hour eating window / 16 - hour fast each and every day. 

What is Amped Fitness?

We are a Personal Training facility located on the NW side of Tucson, Arizona. We offer Small Group Fitness Classes and Private Personal Training. General gym memberships are not available here, we believe in the importance of proper instruction and attention to detail for ALL of our members. Every single session is led by a certified instructor.

Please feel free to check out some of the content we've posted recently. We are always trying to reinvent the fitness "wheel" here; pushing our clients to new heights, helping them achieve personal goals - set new ones, and attain better bodies in the process. Contact us for more information and have a great day!