The Amped Fitness Trainers

Jayson Ryder - N.P.T.I. Certified Trainer, Co-owner

The foundation of Amped, Jayson works tirelessly to ensure his clients achieve their goals in the fastest yet safest ways possible. Demonstrating incredible range in his 12 years experience, Jayson has worked with individuals from the elderly to the middle aged soccer mom all the way to elite level athletes. Jayson has seen more than a few of his clients reach Division-1 collegiete level programs and plans to keep the trend going.



Bryan Mashburn - A.C.E. Certified Trainer, Co-owner

With over 10 years training experience, Bryan has found his niche in the fitness industry. He believes that HARD WORK + laughter + potentially dangerous exercises = RESULTS (hah). Bryan prides himself as being the "wildcard" of the Amped Crew, leaving clients guessing as to what and will come next. You can find Bryan in the gym routinely saying "It's the overload property, we gotta smother the muscle group, don't let it rest, don't let it breathe ... that's how we make GAINS."


Bryan is 32 years old, enjoys playing golf with his father (who also happens to be an Amped client), watching football and of course, working on his craft as a P.T. Contact us to inquire about starting a personal training package with Bryan, today.     

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