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Erin E. 



"As I’m filling out my Christmas cards I realize that all of the active fun experiences I had through the year is due to my time at Amped."

Misti N.



"I went and checked out some local facilities around me and they didn't have the same vibe as you two."

Linda R.



"I am working out with more frequency, with more intensity and seeing greater results than ever before! I like the flexibility Amped Fitness provides with no contracts and paying by the month, week or whatever works for me and I like the unlimited flexible schedule. Because of that schedule I am making it work for me…I can go to a class earlier and workout with people I enjoy working out with and have known for awhile but can also go to a different time slot and meet new people. Due to that I have met some really awesome people that I might not have had the opportunity to get to know and work out with."

Beth J.



"I’ve had a very positive experience with Amped Fitness. My strength and cardio endurance has increased at rates far exceeding my expectations. I like that the training consists of classes. I am intimidated by a lot of machines and equipment with no support and tend to climb on the bike and ride for an hour. I was not satisfied by that experience. I like the rotation of cardio, endurance and strength and that the classes are always different. That keeps my level of engagement up. I also like the clients in the gym. They are all very supportive of each other."

Julian D.


"I feel it necessary to write a little short true story of what happened to me, as I may be able to help someone that is looking to get fit and lose some weight.


On February 28th of 2012 I went to see an old friend and my wife's trainer Jayson Ryder of AMPED FITNESS. I decided to sign up as I my weight was reaching 240 lbs. I was going to my gym at least 3 times per week, but with no results. I started going to Jayson twice per week. At first it was hard but it became easier with every visit. We did a number of exercises that I had never done before, but enjoyed each and every one, Needless to say, I felt great when I finished each session. I then increased my workouts to three times per week. On my off days from Jayson, I walked for about one hour around my neighborhood. Also, what Jayson taught me on nutrition was priceless. Basically, I eliminated "bad carbs" and ate plenty of protein and vegetables. I was never hungry.


I went for approximately 2 months to Jayson and Amped. I lost 25 lbs in that time. I feel great with a lot of energy and my clothes fit better than ever. I also noticed that Jayson's partner, Bryan Mashburn, at AMPED had been getting excellent results with his clients as well. In a short time I was able to see that I wasn't the only satisfied client of AMPED. Check them out. Tell them Julian sent you!"

Donna M.



"I was 5’8, 155 lbs and way out of shape. I had quit smoking after 45 years and was wearing a size 12. My blood-pressure was reading 150/90 and my doctor was pulling out his prescription pad. Getting up and down was becoming a problem. My 25th wedding anniversary was coming up and my husband was taking me back to the Caribbean for 10 days to celebrate. That meant bathing suit and no I couldn't possibly do that. That is when it hit me. I asked my husband to find me a personal trainer.


Enter Jayson Ryder, CPT, and co-owner of Amped Fitness. I almost turned my car around as I was driving over for my first training session with Jayson, but as soon as I walked into the studio, Jayson was there to greet me with a big smile on his face. I somehow managed to get thru those first measurements and then the physical assessment. Pretty pathetic.


Fast forward. I have been training at Amped Fitness since the day it opened. I weigh 133 lbs, wear a size 4/6, and my blood pressure averages 100/70. I get up and down easily and I look pretty damn good in my bathing suit. Has training changed my life? Absolutely. Is it possible to look and feel better when you are over 60 than you did when you were 40 or 50? Positively. I continue to train at Amped because I enjoy exercising now and the benefits are undeniable. The cost is an investment in my health. Thank you Jayson!"

KJ Romero (AA Pro BMX Racer)


"For you folks that want you or your kids to be faster and stronger in their sport, or maybe even drop some weight, go check out Amped fitness. Jayson Ryder and Bryan Mashburn have a top notch program and they're awesome to work with. That's where I train!"

Marla's Story

Learn how Marla beat breast cancer and got back on her feet fast thanks to a healthy lifestyle.

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