Jayson Ryder and Bryan Mashburn have owned and operated this local gym for over 5 years; providing the highest quality motivation and guidance in both the exercise and nutritional sciences. They consider themselves the "positive reinforcement" most people do not find from the routine big-box gyms. This studio is focused solely on improving the health and condition of its clients whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually ... there's a connection that must be made between client and trainer that they believe will rival any other gym you've ever been to. An attention to detail and a drive to help people prove to THEMSELVES that they can do it, they are worth it, and this is what "I'm supposed to be" is what fuels the early 30 year old business owners. Fitness is their focus and they're eager to show you how to make it yours in 2016.

Dustin Smith, Amped Fitness’ newest certified instructor and Marine Corps Combat Veteran, is ready to help you take down your goals this summer. 

Dustin prides himself on his ability to help his clients rehab from old stubborn injuries, alleviate chronic aches/pains, and provide expert assistance to the form, function, and technique of some of the most important lifts we perform here at Amped.

"I am extremely excited to be a part of the Amped Fitness team and look forward to helping you reach and exceed your next goal." 


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NEW CLASSES: Boys Basketball sport-specific team training and the Women Only Group Hour!

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